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Proof of Fund "Specialists in Proof of Funds Investments"!

Capital Fund Alliance arranges equity and debt-secured accounts on a fixed-return basis for "Proof of Funds" and "Verification of Deposit" uses to facilitate various transactional requirements. 

The POF Accounts are established in the client's name as a Money Market Account at a Hong kong private capital firm, and can be confirmed by written Verification of Deposit, as well as verbally, by Telex and with accounts statements. The account status can also be provided via SWIFT MT999 or MT799. "Money Market Accounts for Verification of Deposit uses set-up in as little as one (1) banking day." "Flexible term length from fifteen (15)-days up to one (1)-year. Fees placed with accredited escrow agent." "Account Confirmation can be provided by VOD Letter, SWIFT MT999 / MT799, Statements, and Telex." Money Market Accounts for Verification of Deposit Uses:

Opened at multi-billion dollar private capital firm Written, Verbal & Telex Verification Options Electronic account verification options MT999 / MT799 SWIFT messaging options. Joint Ventures for Buy/Sell transactions "US Dollar and Euro accounts available!"

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  • Proof of funds
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Asset Management
  • Monetization
  • Non Recourse Loan
  • Business Funding  
  • SBLC

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